Zoo- otters on the loose

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Dear Joy,

As seen from the video above...

Today I went to the zoo! Yesterday, our parents asked why I was going to the zoo and commented that it is not a common activity for 'young adults'. I replied 'oh my friend has free passes' though on the inside, I was more like 'omg!!! zoo!!!'.

It's been about 6 years since I've been to the night safari and I don't remember the last time I went to the Zoo? Not only that, but this time I made it to the River Safari (for the 1st time!!) and also took a tram ride around the night safari. It was a whole lot of fun, and of course the company (Chole and Jia Hui- though I hate to admit it) never disappoints.

Days like these I remember how blessed I am to have found such people in Uni and the circumstances we were put under that made this friendship grow. It's always special when you find the right people you can be 100% yourself with and you know will always commit as much as you do.

It was also a great day because 1) it did not rain! (still lugged around Cho's umbrella though zzz), 2) we covered all the places we wanted to go to and made great timing, 3) got to feed the elephants and captured some funny/ cute shots. It was actually quite funny how we were just chilling watching the elephants because we were tired and the zoo keeper came out and suddenly there was music, indicating feeding time. I was really excited because we missed the giraffe feeding and the elephants were obviously feeling the music as they swayed side to side to the beats.

We also caught some photos at golden hour, though honestly we just look really red LOL.

The last viewing for Jia Jia and Kai Kai was 6pm, so we rushed over right after our river safari boat ride and made it just in time for the last entrance. To be honest, I expected them to be a lot bigger, but they were pretty miniature for Pandas. Jia Jia was also nowhere to be found and Kai Kai was walking up and down the same route non-stop so I have about 50 of the same 2 photos seen below.

Some of my favourite animals included this very 2D-looking Orang Utan below, and the Manatee. This Orang Utan literally did not move, except when the otters ran across and he shifted his feet to make way for them. I would love to see what he looks like in action.

The Manatees, you can see at the river safari. There are honestly quite a few of them and for some reason, at least one of them seems to be pooping at each moment and they poop really slowly so it's quite funny HAHA. They also look pretty stupid which is always a plus for animals in my opinion. 

And here, we have another 3 animals on the loose. I asked Cho and Jiahui, in the Animal Kingdom, what animals we would be and we decided Otters (you can see them in the video) as the best representative. Otters because, they're not pretty per se, but people still think they're pretty cute and visit them from time to time. People never go to the zoo just to see them and they're pretty forgettable but when you see them at the zoo you'll say 'omg, otters!'. Otters also like to run around and make noises, they disturb the orang utans and other animals have to 'siam' or make way for them and sometimes they can be quite annoying but I'm pretty sure no one really dislikes them......that much.

Side note: I was literally sliding off when taking these photos and we made a little girl and her parents wait while we got into formation.......

I will miss days like these the most when I'm away for a year in Shanghai. Am really trying to make the most out of this summer, spending time with the people I love, doing what I love. I'm really thankful (-:

With love,

Joy x

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