Bintan- I wish I bought insurance

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Dear Joy,

Here are some of the best memories and pictures to document our trip to Bintan! It was a short getaway, but it was so chill and relaxing and I honestly had such a good time.

This was the breakfast for both mornings. We sat by the giant lagoon and ate till we were happy and full. I haven't had such lazy mornings with friends in a long time and thinking about it now makes me miss it as well. Take me back!

Oh also, a funny memory to record. There was a guest who was toasting his slice of bread and he actually put nutella on his toast before putting it in. The toaster provided was the kind where the bread enters facing upwards, then it falls down and flips over before collection at the bottom. So, the nutella ended up getting stuck to the base of the toaster when it flipped over and jammed the machine. And I happily put in my mini croissants and sultana and it ended up getting jammed too and was contaminated by the nutella HAHA. It was actually quite funny when it happened and the staff had to dig out the nutella bread to get the machine to work again.

On both nights, we headed to the Kelong for dinner. On the 1st day, it was golden hour and we witnessed this beautiful sunset. I actually think it's the prettiest sunset I've ever seen.

The Kelong food (although not captured), was also incredibly delicious! The salted egg sotong and fried rice was yummy and it's definitely worth the short car and boat ride out. Although, at night it was so dark on the boat, I started to wonder what would happened if it capsized?

I'm really thankful to have met such spontaneous friends in Uni who would play badminton, go bowling, play pool and do so much other nonsense with me. Our nights in the tent were spent playing bridge, 24, slap jack, 99 and other lame games that made me laugh and smile.

Some of my favourite moments include when Eugene literally made me swear at him on the e-scooter because he kept swerving. And also our convo when riding at night about God and values and when he suddenly said 'do you hear that? It sounds like it's following us' and I freaked out and sped back to our tent HAHA.

Also trying to swing across the rope in the mini water playground, bouncing and flipping, getting muscle aches and relieving my polo days. Of course, also when Rachel added water into her Indo mee....

I was so worried about how I was going to spend my summer. Afraid that I'm wasting it by not taking on an internship and wondering what I would spend my time doing. But then I look at these memories and so many others that I have made in this couple of months thus far and I realise I may not have such opportunities again. I'm so glad I'm just spending time with people who matter, now.

Also, In the future, remember to always bring guys on your trips so they can help to carry things and manage your photos. They're incredibly useful!


Joy x

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