Hong Kong- a photo diary

Updated: May 11, 2019

Dear Joy,

Last week, I went to Hong Kong with the fam! This trip was hard to make happen, up till 2 days before the trip, it was still uncertain whether or not we had to cancel. But we made it (by God's grace) and I guess that's all that matters.

This was actually my 4th time in Hong Kong with my family, the last time was 2 years ago, and before that was another 2 years ago. I love Hong Kong for the food (dim sum yum!!!), liangchas and affordable cosmetics. But having been there numerous times, we were looking forward to a chill trip, taking our time to explore new places that we have never seen before, as well as try food that we've never had! We definitely had a lot less dim sum than our previous trips (lol) and in fact had quite a bit of cafe food (the love of mi and my mum's life!!!). I was contemplating throwing all the photos into this post but decided that I had too many good food photos that I had to made a food guide of sorts. You can read that here, though you probably know because I mean, you wrote it....

It's actually been a while since the brother has made it for a fam trip with us. This also means that the tolerance for photo-taking has drastically reduced and I have to make do with the pockets of time here and there to sheepishly ask if I can get some photos taken/ take photos. It also means I'm now heavily reliant on lightroom and even photoshop to make my mediocre photos look great (or at least less mediocre!)! In a way, I'm also enjoying it as it makes me feel challenged? And excited? Seeing some terrible photos look so much better after editing.

These photos taken below were in Mongkok. I really love the yellow and slightly darker tint in the image to make it look more kampong HAHA. If you look properly, you'll also see that I did a terrible job photoshopping people out at the back..... especially in the second picture.

The floral photos below were taken in Central. I dragged my family to the graham street art area to get some photos, only to find out!!! That is isn't actually a street? The art is actually spread out over a pretty large area and you have to walk around to find them. The flower wall is actually the shop front of a jewelry store and you'll see many, many basic yellow girls (refer to exhibit below for a classic example), trying to get the best shot for instagram. To be honest, when I see these girls, I really cringe..... and then I wonder if that's what people think of me LOL (probably).

These pictures below were taken just across a junction from the flower wall. Oh... if only you saw the original state of these pics. They needed a lot of help.

If it weren't already obvious, I love cafes!! I love the food, the vibes and the conversation shared in a peaceful, chilled environment. Also, I'm a sucker for a good soy milk cappuccino. I searched for a couple of good cafes in Hong Kong and came across one that seemed pretty popular, Elephant Grounds. They have outlets across Hong Kong though each one sells different things and we headed to the one in Central that had brunch, lunch, coffee and ice cream.

My fam really enjoyed the food, the coffee was on point and the fries omg!!! Also, we tried their homemade ice cream sandwich that came with dried strawberries coating, it was a great pairing and the ice cream!!! Highly recommend.

So much has been happening in this family over the past couple of years. Sometimes I really question why must everything happen at once and wish I could do something to make things better. But I guess there's only so much I can do and I'm just glad and thankful that even through difficult times we can stand together as one. Lots of expectations to be lowered on my part and the need to grow common understanding, but I'll always know that these people are the ones who know me best and love me most.

Mi parents are ageing! HAHA. Watching them transition into new phases of their lives is pretty interesting and I am constantly reminded of how much they have provided for me and their hard work to make my life better. This trip was a good getaway for all of us before life gets even crazier and we continue to move on with our own journeys in life.

Been awhile since I've felt remotely excited about life and future possibilities. I'm glad this feeling is coming back and I pray for the resilience to bounce back even when the low feelings are back.

You are stronger than you know and you are braver too. Things will work itself out in the end.

With Love,

Joy x

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