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Updated: May 11, 2019

When you think of Hong Kong, you probably think, dimsum! For my family however, this is not the case. At least, not this time round. I've been to Hong Kong quite a number of times, having read all the blog posts and watched all the videos about michelin starred restaurants and the best places to get that dimsum fix. I've tried quite a few of those places and this time round, we thought we'd try something new. So, we hit up some cafes, some insta-worthy food places as well as highly raved about restaurants that we had yet to try.

If you're interested in looking at some drool-worthy food photos or read about our food adventure, then keep on scrolling!

Kam Wah Cafe

Kam Wah cafe isn't a dimsum joint, though it does sell local Hong Kong food. They're highly raved about by tourists and locals alike, and are famous for their supposedly top-notch polo bun, milk tea and fried french toast thing (?). Honestly, all of it did not disappoint. We got the polo bun with butter (you can opt for without but why would you?!) and it was crispy on the outside with a slight sweetness, but warm and fluffy on the inside with a salty contrast from the butter. I can imagine this being a comfort food with the pillowy texture and hearty portion.

We also tried the french toast which was essentially 2 slices of bread with a peanut sort of spread (if you've ever had Mr Bean Mee Jiang Kueh you will know what I mean) sandwiched between. The entire thing is deep fried and is served with a slab of butter and you drizzle some kind of honey-like syrup as you please! Definitely one of the most unhealthy things i ate on this trip, but also one of the best. I personally prefer this to the polo bun and thought it was such a strange yet impressive combination that came together beautifully.

I'm not a huge milk tea drinker. I usually think they are too sweet or the tea taste isn't strong enough. Plus, I'm lactose intolerant and large amounts of dairy tends to make me breakout.....basically i don't do too well with dairy LOL. But I honestly LOVED this milk tea. I asked for it to be less sweet and it came with the perfect sweetness, which I highly appreciate considering how most of the time when I request for anything to be 'less sweet' it literally tastes the same. If you're going to Hong Kong, definitely give this place a try! Different from the typical dim sums you'll find, but also such an experience.

Kau Kee Resturant

Kau kee restaurant is a popular beef noodle place that earned itself 1 michelin star. I was really excited to try this and to be honest, expected a thick broth or gravy. I was surprised to see that it actually was really light and resembles Vietnamese Pho in a way! At this store, you can customise your own bowl of noodles, meaning you can choose if you want beef brisket, beef slices or some other options as well as what type of noodles you would like.

Pictured above is my order of beef brisket with rice noodles. My brother ordered the same whereas my Dad ordered his with 'Mee Pok' kind of noodles. I wouldn't recommend that as much as the 'ghee' or the 'yellow noodle smell' (LUL) was pretty strong and we thought the rice noodles were a better match. My mum ordered the beef slices with rice noodles and I thought hers was the best of all! The beef slices were so tender and the broth was more flavourful than ours. My brother however, preferred ours so I guess it boils down to personal preference.

I'd say this place is kind of overrated though, and I wouldn't go out of my way to make a trip there should I be headed to Hong Kong again.

Yee Shun Milk Company

I tried this place on my last trip to Hong Kong, 2 years ago and I'm glad the standard has not changed. The milk pudding is as smooth and comforting as ever, and I like that it is not nauseatingly sweet. I had the milk pudding with ginger whereas my brother had it plain. I must say that the ginger is a little overpowering and because the milk taste is so mild, almost any topping to it will probably be the predominant flavour. If you really want to taste the milky flavour and fragrance, go with the plain! Otherwise, the ginger is yummy too.

Ching Ching desserts (晶晶甜品)

This dessert store is located near out hotel in Tin Hau (天后)and we actually came across it on one of our previous trips. Since we were feeling a post-dinner refresher, we decided to patron it once again. I can't really remember the food from our last visit, but it was pretty decent this time round. We had the shaved milk with mango which was good, and a sago with grass jelly and assorted melons. The winning dessert for me however, was the boiled pear with white fungus and logan. I was feeling a little ill with an itchy throat and this bowl of warm goodnss really calmed it down and warmed my belly. We even went back for it again the next day!

Passion by GD

If you've been here for a while, you may have read my 'Hong Kong Guide to: Wan Chai' post on my previous blog. I wrote about how much my mum and I loved this little bakery. They have a few outlets across Hong Kong and this time, we went to the one in Causeway Bay. Their selection of food seems to have expanded and they now have an even larger array of mains, salads, pizzas, pastas, pastries and desserts. There's so many options that it gets tricky deciding what to get. I would say that the food is not spectacular, though we only tried one pasta and one other crepe like pastry stuffed with bacon and eggs. Their pastries and desserts are better and you're bound to find something you like!


Bakehouse is a new place that just opened at the beginning of this year in Hong Kong. The founder of this little bakery/ cafe is a chef with a ton of experience in french pastry and breads and has an incredible portfolio. You can see it here!

-story time-

The adventure of queuing and waiting for a seat at this place was actually quite the experience. Since it closes relatively early at 5pm everyday, we reached slightly after 2 and saw a queue. Seeing how the place was small, we queued for almost 1.5hours before we managed to get a seat. Additionally, the place is incredibly popular not just for dine-ins but for takeaways. They have an array of pastries, puffs. scones, cookies and breads that you can buy at the counter to takeaway or dine-in. As we queued, we realised that lots of the breads and pastries were starting to sell out as more and more people strolled in to takeaway items. I started getting paranoid that by the time we got a seat there would be nothing left! My mum had to hop on over to the takeaway queue to buy a loaf of sourdough bread that she wanted, as well as 2 giant cookies. It was very intense. Fortunately, as they reached their last tray of scones (which I was eyeing the most), they brought it back into the kitchen and told the customers that those were reserved for the people who where still queuing for a seat to dine in (ie me!!!). So I got my scones i the end hehe. Oh! And and my mum got the last loaf of sourdough bread available wuhu! Unfortunately, some of their other pastries ran out and we ordered things off the menu instead.

Our conclusion, unfortunately, was that the food is mediocre (lol! after all that). I believe the popularity is due to the fact that we were there on a Sunday, and there's still a hype considering how it opened fairly recently. I would go again if there were no queue, but I would never wait that long. (the yuzu special dessert of the day was really good though!)

Elephant grounds cafe

I found this cafe when scouring online for popular cafes in Hong Kong. Elephant grounds came up and their menu looked really cute and and the food looked good. I lowkey pushed for this place to my family, for a break from dimsum and also to feed my cafe food addiction (hehe)! I'm sure they appreciated it because they really enjoyed the food and service. The fries with black garlic mayo, buffalo wings as well as the chicken with biryani rice is a must try! I would give the avocado toast a miss simply because it comes with some herbs mixed into the spread and I wasn't a big fan of that. The soy milk cappuccino is to die for as well as the homemade ice cream sandwich coated with dried strawberries!!! yum.

The waiter/ barista was also really nice and chatted with us quite a bit. Before we left, he even gave us 2 free cookies which he said he baked the night before (-': I will be back again!!

Bonus: I managed to catch some good food pics and fam pics as well!

Oddies foodies

On my last trip to Hong Kong, Oddies Foodies was pretty high up on my 'must-try' list. Unfortunately, I fell pretty sick towards the end of that trip and was not up for icecream of any I gave it a pass and have been dreaming about it ever since. They have since relocated from Wan Chai to Central and we made our way there after brunch at Elephant grounds.

I tried one of their signature eggette parfait, the actual name I can't quite remember. It basically came with a vanilla soft serve ice cream (remind me of macs vanilla cone) with a salted caramel gelato, cookie crumble, apple jelly and served with an apple cinnamon eggette. I'm going to be honest and say it really wasn't very great. The idea is unique and it's definitely an instagrammable food item, but the combination of each individual element is kind of strange to me and the eggette wasn't particularly tasty, nor were the icecreams. We ordered the small (great move on our part) and I started to feel really sick of it only halfway through even when we were sharing! This is definitely one of those over-hyped spots for the gram and I wouldn't recommend it unless you really want a photo or to give your own verdict.

And that's it! A simple food post about all the goodies that went into my belly on this short weekend trip. Hope you enjoyed looking at the visuals and reading about some of the hits and misses. If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong sometime soon, do let me know what exciting places you went to and if you tried any of these places! Have a great week ahead!

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