Inner Mongolia and Beijing

Dear Joy,

It's been a more than a month since you've gotten back from Inner Mongolia and Beijing! Work, school andd socialising has taken so much time that I haven't had the chance to properly sit down and jot down my thoughts. So one month in, I'm finally getting down to doing it.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect on this trip, all I knew was that seniors had been before and they really seemed to enjoy themselves. Plus! I thought it was really exotic and a place I wouldn't normally go to so I was really excited to finally get there.

I have to say, the travelling there was really long and tiring. It took us a 5h speed rail ride to reach Beijing, and then another 10h bus ride to get to our destination. Our first activity was to ride horses in the desert. It was interesting because this was my first ever horse ride where my horse wasn't led by a guide. They would naturally just follow the herd!

That night, we camped in yurts under the stars in the one degree cold. At some points I really thought I was going to freeze and was so miserable. But looking back, that experience was totally worth it. We had fireworks just for us and star gazed while huddling together in the cold.

The next day, we visited a desert which I was not expecting. I've always seen photos of influencers and people taking photos in the sand dunes and alwasy thought it was really cool, but never thought I would actually get to do it. So I was really pleasantly surprised that we got to slide down sand hills, ride camels, ride ATVs and zipline, all int a giant desert playground.

When we headed back to Beijing, we stayed in a 民宿 for 2 nights. This experience, I don't think I'll be forgetting any time soon. Waking up to the cold air with flowers all around, a homely breakfast and the views of locals going about their daily lives. I didn't expect to enjoy it so much but I really did. Below are some pictures I took while exploring the garden around one morning.

We also visited a water town 水镇 on our 1st day in Beijing. It was very crowded with tourists, but it was nice to still see what the old towns used to be like and also try some of the food!

The last day was by far my favourite. Climbing the great wall. I've been to Beijing once before when I was younger. I climbed the great wall with my family but I remember the stairs being long and wide and feeling like the walk was never ending. This time, however, was so different. We went to Pan Long to climb the mroe unrestructured parts of the greatwall, meaning there were no proper steps and the place was pretty much in ruins. The view was sublime- I think that's probably the only word I know to use to describe it. It was absolutely stunning.

The air was so clean and fresh and I did not want to leave. I would just pause every once in a while and look around at the vast nature and beauty surrounding us.

A picture of me and Xuyan after we raced up a part of the great wall and I won! HAHA

And of course, the trip was made better by the company that came along. Am always thankful and aware of how privileged I am to be here and to be surrounded by people who are kind and supportive. Sometimes I really feel the anxiety hit me strong as I stress about school and work and so many other commitments. But it's when I spend time with people who matter that I start to see how everything is worth it.

Smile more and remember to make memories that are worth a lifetime.

Love, Joy

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