Dear Joy,

Last week I took a solo trip to Suzhou. It was quite a last minute decision, but I was free for the weekend and Sylvia offered to let me stay with her. So I thought why not! Turns out, it was the most relaxing weekend I've had in Shanghai till date and I slept the best I've had yet. I don't think I can fully explain how thankful I am for that little get away.

Our 1st stop (after some really delicious local noodles of course- which I didn't get a good photo of damnit!) was a Garden museum. Unfortunately, it was plagued with tourists and that made it a less enjoyable experience. The scenery was nice (though very man-made looking haha) and the weather was good too. It was just a shame that you would hardly get around without bumping into people or having tons of people in every photo.

Fortunately for me, I had a photographer and patient friend who helped me get some good pics and even carried my bag for me?! Sylvia, if you see this, you are the kindest and nicest host ever!

It's not a proper holiday if you don't get some bbt! Also, some people say we look alike and someone even said we could be twins? HAHA

After the garden musuem, Sylvia took me to Ping Jiang Lu (平江路)which resembled an old street (老街) . Here, there were stores selling a ton of local foods, games, souvenirs and tea. I bought this tea from a store called Anduo (安朵)and I especially love the pineapple one! Pretty pricey, but I think as a take-home souvenir or gift, it's pretty worth it.

I also played the claw machine at one of the stores and unfortunately left empty-handed...again...

That night, we hit up a dazhaixie place and had crab, clams and frog. The food was so good, but way too much for the both of us. We sat and ate for about 2 hours before we took away the leftovers and headed home. I think there's something about talking to a person so similar, yet on such a different path that makes everything so comfortable. A fresh face and a fresh personality, yet someone who relates and understands. Am really thankful for this opportunity to meet someone like this.

There were many good moments on this trip that went unphotographed. Such as when we had amazing rose biscuit pastry (玫瑰饼)and spent hours in the Eslilte bookstore, shopping and eating (just like this delicious sushi!) Or at night when we did face masks together and got excited about clothes and makeup. Not to forget how we sat in a little coffee store for about two hours and just talked about life like old friends, even though we just got to know each other.

It was a much needed break for me, a breather that I'm so incredibly thankful for. Funny how God places people in your life in the craziest of ways. There are good days and there are bad days, Trust God and you'll be ok.

With Love,

Joy x

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