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Dear Joy,

Last weekend, was pretty great. I went to 张家界 with my batch mates and although it was a mad rush, I had a lot of fun. We left on Saturday morning with our flight at 7.45 am and only reached home at 3am on Tuesday morning with a few hours to sleep before heading in for work early. Sometimes I wonder why I do such things to my body, but if not now, then when?

Do you remember the last time we went to 张家界? It was 11 years ago with our family when I was 10. Before Avatar the movie was filmed and the glass bridges were constructed. I remember it being a ton of mountains and it seems that my memory did not fail me (lol!). It was indeed a lot of mountains and after a while, everything started to look the same. But I did manage to snap some pics, and with some editing and lightroom, produced some that I'm pretty proud of.

To be honest, living in Shanghai, I sometimes forget that I'm actually in China. The fast-paced life and cosmopolitan scene reminds me very much of Singapore. Travelling further out to a less international and developed part is a good reminder of the diversity that China has to offer. It was also a good break and a breath of fresh air!

Although the weather wasn't great every day, we still braved the wind and rain and tried to make the most of our time. Through the wet shoes, clothes and funky raincoats, I think we really bonded and got to know each other better.

Oh! And this was our first meal in 张家界! Noodles and dumplings! It was old school in a small shop with communal condiments that we were too afraid to touch and the company of house flies as well. It was definitely the 长沙 I remembered.

Finally, some pictures of the people who made everything worth it. New friends that just came along and old ones who are still sticking around. Been here for almost exactly a month now and it still amazes me how contented and happy I am? I hope this feeling lasts throughout the year. I really thank God for good laughs, kind hearts and people who push me to try new things and make new memories.

I don't think I'll ever forget the last glass bridge in particular. A simple glass bridge that can be walked to and fro in 10 minutes ended up taking us more than an hour. Laughing in the rain with our crazy coloured raincoats and 鞋套s. Lying on the floor, taking 'candid' photos and learning more about each others' body parts? You know when you're genuinely happy and laughing so hard you can't wipe the smile of your face? That was me then, and that is also me know when I think back to that memory. It was a pretty special moment.

Next stop is Inner Mongolia and I hope it goes as well. Here's to stronger friendships and creating memories! Can't wait.

With Love,

Joy x

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